Abg IR RM80742695 Planetary Gear Volvo Paver 423 8820 8620 7620

Abg IR RM80742695 Planetary Gear Volvo Paver 423 8820 8620 7620

PLANETARY Gear S/N 16879- 80742695

RM80742695 Planetary Equipment

Last push gearbox for all the Asphalt Paver
 Планетарная передача привода цепи шнека асфальтоукладчика CZPT ABG8820/8820B в сборе, одинаковая на левый и правый шнек.
the reducer product you can select:


ABG Allgemeine Baumaschinen-Gesellschaft mbH

ABG Asphalt Pavers

  • Tracked paver
    • types ABG2820, P4820D, P6820C, P7820C, P8820C
  • Wheeled pavers
    • types P5770C, P5870C, P6870C
  • Titan series
    • types Titan 111, Titan one hundred twenty five, Titan 225, Titan 226, Titan 325, Titan 326, Titan 373-two, Titan 473, Titan 473-two, Titan 2820, Titan 3870, Titan 5820, Titan 6820, Titan 7820, Titan 8820, Titan 9820
  • Guide screeds
    • types MB120, MB122, VDT120, VDT121
  • Variomatic screeds
    • types VB30, VB78 And many others, VB78GTC, VB79 And so forth, VB88 Etc, VB88 GTC, VB89 Etc, VDT-V78 And many others, VDT-V78 GTC, VDT-seventy nine And so on, VDT-88 And many others, VDT-V88 GTC, VDT-V89 And many others

–VOCZPT, S1800, S1800-1,S1800-two,S2100, S2100-one.S2100-two, S2500.
—DEMAG:135CS, DG141CS, DF145CS

: WTU75, RP75, wtu95, WTU125, RP125, LTU125
—CZPT: LTU90, LTU120
—CZPT: LTU90, LTU120

1, good quality
two, lower value, Authentic CZPT motor reducer
3, produce shortly
Our organization can make CZPT gearbox according to customer’ requirement.

HYDROTRAC GFT is an perfect driving component for wheel or monitor driving vehicles, and other moving products and widely applied in excavator, spreading equipment, drill device, mobile crusher, engineering equipment, mining, tunnel equipment, agricultural machinery, and so on. In the meantime, different motor connectors and proportions are CZPT on request. It is an perfect alternative of CZPT products.

Abg IR RM80742695 Planetary Gear Volvo Paver 423 8820 8620 7620