Agricultural Pivot Irrigation Machine for Sale

Agricultural Pivot Irrigation CZPT for Sale

Heart Pivot irrigation has been verified to be the most expense-efficient irrigation technique in the industry.Good performance on wather spray uniformance on wather spray uniformity, high effectiveness and labor preserving. Supporting to overcome runoff,whilst increasing produce and conserve h2o. From the pivot position to the overhang, our heart pivots are engineered, constructed, and area-analyzed to outperform any other gear in your subject.

Pivot, also known as heart pivot or clock pivot, is a big-scaled instantly operating irrigation gear, really appropriate for corn, wheat, alfalfa, potato, grain, vegetable and sugarcanes and income crop and so forth, and even very good for fruit tree, plant nursery A single pivot could include a very large field. Comparing with the other irrigation way, the pivot has the adhering to gain:
1.The premier irrigation masking.
 No need to have digging or a lot earthwork, only h2o recourse like well or floor water, one one pivot could include 1200acres within a limited time. Greater subject, smaller investment decision.
2. Maximum mechanical and computerized irrigation way. 
 One one labor could handle 10000acres area, as considerably as increasing productivity.
three. H2o conserving 30%~50%,  spray uniformity reach ninety%, adjust discipline local climate, twenty%~fifty% rising of productiveness is approved certainly.
4. Equipping with other agriculture equipment to attain irrigating, seeding, fertilizing,  accumulating in 1 stage.

CZPT parameters of center pivot irrigation program

No. Merchandise Span Specification
one Centre Pivot 6 five/8”(168mm) or eight 5/8”(219mm)
2 Pipe Spec.   5”(127mm)six five/8”(168mm)or 8”(203mm)
3 Span Length   37.5m43.349.154.9or
4 Tire Spec. fourteen.9-24 or 11.two-24including Vacuum and inner tube
5 Cable Spec.     Armored Cable,passed the UL certification
6 Motor          UMC25.five:1(1.5hp) or UMC40:1(.75hp)
7 Gear Box      UMC50:1 or UMC 52:one
eight Size of OH 2.7m,five.5m,eight.2m,11m,sixteen.5m,19.5m or25m
Recognize: 8 5/8”(219mm) pipes only go well with to spans in forty three.3m and forty nine.1m

Parameters of distinct spans

Diameter Size(m) Outlet Spacing Crossing Altitude G.W with water
219 mm 43.3 m 192 cm or 288 cm 2.ninety nine m 3410 kg
forty m two.93 m 3770 kg
168 mm forty three.3 m 192 cm or 288 cm two.99 m 2580 kg
49.1 m two.93 m 2830 kg
fifty four.8 m 2.86 m 3080 kg
sixty.6 m 2.83 m 3320 kg
127 mm 43.three m 192 cm or 288 cm three.02 m 2160 kg
forty nine.1 m 2.96 m 2350 kg
fifty four.8 m 2.89 m 2580 kg
sixty.six m two.86 m 2730 kg

Agricultural Pivot Irrigation CZPT for Sale