China Cast Iron Planetary Reducer Gearbox with Motor

China Cast Iron Planetary Reducer CZPT with Motor

one. Modular layout realizes variable blend.
2. Housing is manufactured of cast iron, which boost its rigidity and anti-vibration.
three. Sunshine and world gears are processed by cementite and hardening, gears are processed by grinding, which improve the effectiveness and life span of equipment models.

Item description
Installation sorts 1. horizontal vertical, two. torque-arm.
Enter sorts: coaxial enter, helical equipment input, bevel-helical gear input
Output sorts: inner involutes spline, hollow shaft with shrink disk, exterior involutes spline, solid shaft with flat important.
Pace minimizing ratio: 25-4000
Transmission stage: 2 stage /3 phase

CZPT P series planetary equipment box, when compared with the like widespread equipment actual physical box, attributes steady transmission, substantial loading capability, modest size and substantial push ratio. Additionally, it has prolonged provider life which reaches 1000Y, little dimension, and beautiful visual appeal.

Attribute benefit

one.Compact construction.
2.Strong shaft or hollow shaft with shrink disc. 
three.Progressive spline or flange shaft design.
four.Higher vibration resistance. 

Specification parameter

Product kind :        parallel-axes and intersecting-axes planetary equipment box.
Torque output :      max torque output: two.2 ~2,600 kNm. 

CZPT Application 
Electrical power Plant Equipment 
CZPTlurgical CZPT 
CZPT Forming CZPT 
Petrochemical CZPT 
Environmental Safety CZPT 
Cable CZPT 
Foods CZPT 

Quality Management Technique: 
At UGT product and services high quality are offered the maximum priority. 
Our personnel receive education on high quality techniques and principles. 
At every single stage inside of the business, we are engaged in bettering item good quality and procedures. 
This deep degree of motivation has aided us to entice our client CZPT and develop globally as a brand of option. 

We invite audits of our amenities by our clients.

Product Quality:
High precision, Lower noise, Long Support life time and reliability.


  • UGT distribution facilities are ISO 9001. Our manufacturing services are TS 16949 licensed.
  • Software of Lean philosophies to re-engineer business processes to get rid of non worth included actions
  • Choice creating methods based mostly on audio data
  • Creating partnerships from client to supply chain

Frequently Requested Inquiries:

To The Client’s

  1. Is purchasing from China rewarding?

China continues to be kinds of the greatest supplier in the globe. For certain the products that you have chosen is profitable in your goal markets, as China is providing to the globe with competitive high quality and prices.

2) Do I need to vacation China in get to acquire items?
We consider care of every little thing for you, so you can preserve air fare costs, lodges and touring costs. However, if you decide to pay a visit to China, we will try out to organize you a wonderful keeping so your traveling knowledge will be pleasurable.

three) What sort of goods do you offer?
A extensive selection of CZPT, CZPT and CZPT goods. CZPTy item is assigned to a specialized staff.

4) What are my pitfalls in getting from China or to perform with you?
You have generally no pitfalls. We do getting for you and you can rest guarantee with our inspections. If you get time to arrive China, you can check out us for the duration of creation method. You have access to our speak to networks and sales team. We will take severe action about your goods like ours. You do not want to travel if you do not want to as you have well-informed companions in the China.

five) I can locate the provider for my items on my personal, why do I need you?
You may possibly do so. Nevertheless, your expense will be a lot increased. Additionally you do not have a local spouse that knows the marketplace and can give you accessibility to a network of chance.
To buy your items from China, you need to have to have a local office for signing deal with suppliers, an engineer crew in buy to do top quality and amount inspection time to time. You want to know about uncooked substance sources, and the important make a difference is to keep away from any out sourcing.

6) How are you structured?
We have different departments that each and every one particular specialised in every one element. We can give logistic support, CZPT support, inspection guidance, and lawful assistance.

7) Is this provider only for massive company?
No, we positive that by 1st time company you will get heat self confidence to keep your enterprise with us, as our relationship based on honesty and mutual advantages, so in the potential you will enlarge your company. We treatment you and make you to be much more-much better than prior to. Heading from strength to toughness jointly.

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China Cast Iron Planetary Reducer CZPT with Motor