China OEM Agricultural Machinery Hay Grass Packing Machine Round Baler Machine Manufacturer Pine Wheat Roll Guoan 850 Mini Round Straw Hay Baler near me supplier

Product Description

Agricultural Machinery Hay Grass Packing Machine Round Baler Machine Manufacturer Pine Wheat Roll Guoan 850 Mini Round Straw Hay Baler

1.Product Introduction

(1) 20~50 horsepower tractor is used for traction, the body is flexible and the transition is convenient;
(2) The picker adopts spring-tooth pick-up, which has excellent picking effect and low loss rate of forage grass; picks up smoothly, does not disturb the grass strips, and reduces the rubbing and collision loss of forage grass;
(3) The side guards of the pickup are conducive to the gathering of the straw;
(4) The transmission device is arranged axially symmetrically, with a low center of gravity and good stability;
(5) The drum is integrally formed by stamping, with high structural strength;
(6) The rope feeding mechanism adopts the worm gear reducer to drive the action of the four-bar linkage mechanism, which is reliable in action and high in bundle rate;
(7) The baling chamber has a similar spiral structure, and the bale is formed quickly, with high density and good appearance quality.

2.Product Specification

3.Benefits for buyers

1)The company produces accessories, 95% of which are produced by our casting department
2)Have a full set of after-sales service system, worry-free after-sales, solve customer problems after use
3)When the baler is working, it can automatically lead the rope, automatically pick up wheat straw, automatically bale, and automatically cut the rope, saving the buyer’s time and improving the baling efficiency
4)Adjust the rope loop and bale density when baling, so that the bale is not scattered or messy, the formed bale is small and compact, and has good air permeability, which is convenient for buyers to transport and store.
5)Convenient loading, unloading and transportation, saving labor

4.Baler Highlights

Baler Tooth
Brand: GUOAN
High strength tooth, is not easy to damage, use time longer, and high collecting efficiency.

Baler Automatic Solenoid Valve
Common machine is using a hydraulic valve, release the bale need to put the bundle,very inconvenient, long time use leak happens, hydraulic valve also will rust,etc .Our latest automatic solenoid valve can automatically put the bale, and the main material is aluminium alloy, not easy to rust.

Baler Second Force Feeding Technology
There are mainly 4 model of F:
850F round baler
870F round baler
1070F round baler
1090F round baler
Type F balers are specially used for straw bales with high hardness and long straws or grass with high humidity. The main function is to effectively prevent clogging and improve work efficiency.
If you have the above requirements, you can choose this model.

5.Baler Models

1. The baler is used for forage picking and harvesting, and the bales are dense, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and saves space;
2. it can be used in conjunction with the silage wrapping machine to fully improve the effective utilization of feed;

3. It can automatically complete the picking, baling and baling of pasture, rice, wheat and corn stalks, which is convenient for transportation, storage and deep processing.
4. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of farmers, improves production efficiency, and is widely welcomed, creating favorable conditions for farmers’ income and economic development, and will be more widely used.


6.Product Qualification

Guoan Baler has CE certification for each product, we will give each equipment with a CE certification card to ensure that our product quality and reliable.

7.Packing & Shipping


Round baler packed with Iron frame with film outside
Number of units shipped in container:

20FT Container can load 20sets 850 mini round baler
20FT Container can load 16sets 870 mini round baler
20FT Container can load 8sets 1070 mini round baler
20FT Container can load 4sets 1090 mini round baler

40FT Container can load 40sets 850 mini round baler
40FT Container can load 36sets 870 mini round baler
40FT Container can load 16sets 1070 mini round baler
40FT Container can load 8sets 1090 mini round baler

8.After Sales Service

1) 12 month warrranty
2) Baler Parts Delivery in 3-5days during warranty period
3) Video of working provided
4) Commen problem soloved in time
5) 24 hours service,Online instant chat to reply in time.

9.Company Profile

1.HangZhou Guoan Engineering Machinery Co.,ltd- founded in 2006, is a comprehensive technology company integrating scientific research, production, sales and services;
2.we possess the fixed assets of more than 80 millions, and 161 employees including 23 senior research personnel. The aboundant capital and strong R&D provide the power to the sustainable development of the company.
3.We are a manufacturer that designs, manufactures and sells agricultural machinery, balers, lawn mowers and more.

10.More Products

1) Waht is the difference of the model with F?
Model with F can effectively solve the problem of congestion, improve equipment efficiency. When we pick up the humidity, or longer crop stalks, prone to clogging, affecting the normal use of the customer.
2) Does baler pickup and bundling corn straw?
Yes, Our model with F can pickup corn stalks and wet grass.
3) Weight of bales?
850 Baler makes the bales 15-25kg.
870 Baler makes the bales 20-30kg.
1070 Baler makes the bales 25-35kg.
1090 Baler makes the bales 30-40kg.
4) Which certifications do you have?
CE, ISO 9001.
5) What size of tractor suitable for this baler?
If your tractor will lift 400kg, it will operate our compact round balers.
If your tractor has 18 to 50 PTO HP, then it will operate our compact hay balers.
If your tractor has independent or live PTO you can operate our compact hay balers.

If you have any questions, you can send an inquiry to us, and we will answer it in time. Any suggestion or idea you have is an important factor for our continuous progress. Great Appreciated to your letter.


Model 850 870 1070 1090
Working size 115*130*120cm 131*146*138cm 131*167*156cm 157*167*170cm
Weight 450kg 500kg 550kg 800kg
Bale size Diameter*Width 50*70cm 60*70cm 62*95cm 90*100cm
Bale Weight 15-25kg 20-30kg 25-35kg 30-45kg
pickup width 700mm 800mm 950mm 950mm
25-50HP 25-50HP 25-50HP 25-50HP
Package Size 115*115*116cm 115*130*115cm 130*138*120cm 140*157*135cm
Derivatives 850 net wrap baler 870 net wrap baler 1070 net wrap baler 1090 net wrap baler
850 Force feeding baler 870 F 1070F 1090F
Remarks :F model is mainy For vegetation with high humidity or hard grass
Model 850 870 1070 1090
Working size 115*130*120cm 131*146*138cm 131*167*156cm 157*167*170cm
Weight 450kg 500kg 550kg 800kg
Bale size Diameter*Width 50*70cm 60*70cm 62*95cm 90*100cm
Bale Weight 15-25kg 20-30kg 25-35kg 30-45kg
pickup width 700mm 800mm 950mm 950mm
25-50HP 25-50HP 25-50HP 25-50HP
Package Size 115*115*116cm 115*130*115cm 130*138*120cm 140*157*135cm
Derivatives 850 net wrap baler 870 net wrap baler 1070 net wrap baler 1090 net wrap baler
850 Force feeding baler 870 F 1070F 1090F
Remarks :F model is mainy For vegetation with high humidity or hard grass

Axle Spindle Types and Installation

Are you looking for a new axle spindle for your vehicle? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about their types, functions, and installation. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to finding your new axle spindle. Axle spindles are essential to your vehicle. There are several types and each has unique characteristics. Here’s how to choose the best one for your car.


Axle spindle dimensions are crucial for safe wheel support. This component experiences significant stress and load during bearing mounting and must provide sufficient strength. The axle spindle can be hot-forged or shaped to include an integral shoulder. The shape of the bearing stop region must be abruptly transitioned from a straight to a curved configuration. Dimensions of axle spindle vary with different materials, manufacturing techniques, and applications.
The bearing surfaces of the axle spindle are 1.376 inches across, while the bearing spacer is 1.061 inch across. The axle spindle is 1.376 inches long and includes a cotter pin and nut. Typical axle spindle dimensions are listed below. Some axles may have additional components to reduce their weight, while others may not have any. The number of axles and bearings is also important to consider when determining the dimensions of the axle.
The outside shape of the axle spindle 40 is similar to that of the prior art spindle 10. The outer wheel bearing region 44 is cylindrical with a diameter D 1 and an inner wheel bearing region 46. An axially-separating transition region 48 separates the inner bearing region 46 from the outer wheel bearing region 44. It is important to note that the internal diameter is generally slightly larger than the outer wheel bearing region 46.
Axle spindles can be integrally formed or welded to the housing or central beam. They can also be designed differently depending on the intended function. For example, the trailer axle spindle may have a circular or rectangular cross section. Once again, axle spindles are important for safety and longevity, so it is important to know their dimensions. You can also check online for the dimensions of axle spindles.


Axle spindles are crucial components of a vehicle’s suspension system. They enable a vehicle to move forward, turn, brake, and accelerate. The axle also supports the wheel bearings. In addition to supporting the wheel hub, the axle spindle connects the arms of each wheel to the chassis. This piece is also known as a steering knuckle. The axle spindle’s job is to provide sufficient strength to support the axle.
The functional elements of an axle spindle are cylindrical and have a transition region and an outer surface with an irregular pattern. They have a first and a second diameter, and are shaped to form the spindle’s beam portion and spindle region. The transition region forms a pivotal connection between the axle and the suspension. It also provides the connection between the axle and the trailer. It allows a vehicle to rotate without causing excessive vibrations.
Axle spindles can be circular in structure and are similar to those of the prior art. They support wheel hub configurations. The first end of a spindle is threaded, while the second end is open. The outer wheel bearing region has an outer surface with a diameter D1, while the inner wheel bearing region 46 has a cylindrical outer surface with a diameter D2. The transition region separates the spindle from the rest of the axle.
The spindle nut retains the wheel hub on the spindle, whereas the spindle nut holds the hub assembly in place. A spindle nut retains the wheel on the spindle. A hub cap protects the locking nut assembly and lubrication area. A hub cap is also a common component of the axle. The hub cap also provides a protective shield for the spindle nut.
Steering axle spindles do not extend to the right of the oil seal. They extend from the steering kunckle, which is pivotally joined to the steering axle beam. Despite the differences in bearing seals, wheel hub mounting means, and brake assemblies, the basic spindle configuration is the same. A spindle consists of two axially separated bearing regions, one with a larger diameter than the other, with a bearing stop adjacent to the inner bearing region.


The axle is the basic unit of an automobile, and it includes several components. Among these are bearings, axle housings, and wheel hubs. Bearings and axle housings take on all of the radial loads placed on them during operation. As a result, they are necessary to ensure that a vehicle is able to function at its optimum level. But if you’re not sure what these components are, they can make all the difference in your ride.
Axle type depends on a number of factors, including the amount of force produced. In some cases, the vehicle already has pre-designed axles that come in standard formats, but in other cases, a customer can order a custom-made axle for the specific needs of his vehicle. Customized axles give the vehicle operator greater control over the speed and torque of the wheels. To choose the correct axle type for your vehicle, it’s helpful to know the measurements of the axle.
Axle gear sets and lubrication passages are also different. Reverse-cut gears can’t be used in place of standard cut gears, and vice-versa. The two types of axle are compatible, but the spline count of the differential case must match that of the axle. It’s important to remember that a different type of axle may work with a different type of machine tool.
Different axle spindle materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are more durable than others, depending on their load capacity. Disc brake hubs and axle spindles are similar to the non-braking ones, but include a rotor and a caliper yoke. The yoke design on the rotor or caliper spindle is specific for each rotor.
Bearing-type axles are the most durable. They transfer the weight of the vehicle to the axle casing. The axle housing is retained by a flange bolted to the hub, and the axle bearings are secured on the spindle by a large nut. Alternatively, axles with bearings are supported solely on the axle spindle and don’t require a hub. Floating axles are typically better for long-term operation, but may be a limited choice for vehicles.


Axle spindle installation involves tightening the axle spindle nut to retain the spacer and bearing cones in position. When properly tightened, the axle spindle nut provides the clamp force required to compress the bearing spacer and bearing cone. Preloading is an important part of axle spindle installation because it optimizes bearing life by limiting the tolerance range of end play. Here are some tips on axle spindle installation.
To start the process, you should remove the axle spindle from the vehicle. If the old spindle is not a bolt-on type, a technician will need to cut the weld that holds the axle spindle in place. Then, he or she would need to thread the new spindle back into place. The axle tube must be threaded to accept the new spindle. Once the axle spindle is properly installed, the technician will need to tighten it to the specified torque.
Once the axle spindle is installed, the technician will continue tightening the nut assembly. To ensure a tight grip, the technician will rotate the outer washer while adjusting the torque level on the axle spindle nut. If the nut is not correctly torqued, it may loosen the axle spindle. In addition, improper torque can cause excessive inboard pressure on the outer nut, which can result in over or under-compression of the bearing cone.
The second axle spindle includes an inboard bearing 54 and an outboard bearing 56. The inboard bearing has an inboard surface that abuts the shoulder 26 of the axle spindle. The outboard bearing 57 is mounted on the axle spindle near its outboard end. A bearing spacer 58 is positioned between the inboard and outboard bearings. The spacer and bearing cone group comprises the bearing cones 54 and 56.
Proper alignment of the new spindle is essential for a secure fit. Taking your trailer to a licensed repair facility for a trailer spindle installation is a good idea, as a poorly installed axle can result in improper wheel tracking and premature tire wear. A licensed trailer repair facility can do this for you without much difficulty. This way, you won’t waste your time or frustration on a DIY trailer axle replacement.