Hollow Shaft Planetary Gearbox with Input Adapter Used for Construction Machinery

Hollow Shaft Planetary CZPT with Input Adapter Used for CZPT CZPTry

Hollow Shaft Planetary CZPT with Enter Adapter Utilized For CZPT CZPT

CZPT info:
1. Ratio range: 3.fifteen-3000
two. Enter electrical power: .25-55KW
three. Permit torque rang: ≤ 200000N. M
4. Output pace: .425-445 r/min
five. Composition manner: Chance of flange, foot, or shaft mounting options
one. Broad and comprehensive variety of N sequence for industrial applications
2. Lower speed shaft design: Cylindrical with crucial, splined, hollow with shrink disc or splined hollow shaft
3. Rigid and specific nodular cast iron casing
four. Reduced noise running, substantial manufacturing high quality normal
5. Substantial and reliable performance, load capability and lower speed shaft bearing


Equal To Other Model : 



 300 Series



CZPT oil

RE Series


RR Series


How To Choose a Total CZPT planetary gearbox:
Total planetary gearbox created up of four elements :

Enter Element
  1:AC electric motor
  two: NEMA or IEC motor
  3: NEMA or IEC motor adapter flange
  four: the Solid input shaft
  5: Solid input shaft with the fan
Equipment Reductions (co-axial stage one-5 ,proper angle 1-4 . )
  6:Proper angle reduction phase
  seven: Planetary reduction phase
  eight: Worm/planetary mix
  9: Bevel helical planetary blend
Output Component 
  10: Flanged output/ Footed output-Reliable shaft
  eleven: Flanged output/ Footed output-Male spline shaft
  twelve: Flanged output/ Footed output- Female spline shaft
  thirteen: Flanged output/ Footed output-
  14: Flanged output/ Footed output-Pinion
  fifteen: Shaft Mount output for shrink disc
  sixteen: Flange
  17: Pinion equipment
  eighteen: Sleeve coupling
  19: Endplate
  20: Splined bar
  21: Shrink disc


Hollow Shaft Planetary CZPT with Input Adapter Used for CZPT CZPTry