Planetary Differential Gearbox Shaft Double Clutch Phase Shifting

Planetary CZPTial CZPT Shaft Double Clutch Phase Shifting

Item Description

one.Very CZPT Modular Made:

The goods are very easily connected with and pushed by diverse sorts of motors or other kinds of enter

energy. The same variety geared motor can be tailored to optioned powers of motors.It is as a result simple

to understand distinct answers for diverse requirements.


Featured a lot of intently divided ratios and wide range of them.Really big closing rations can be received

by means of mixed unites to reach extremely lower output speeds.

three.Mounting Arrangement:No stringent limitation to the mounting arrangement.

4.Higher CZPT,Compact Dimension:

Housings are produced of high strength cast iron.Gears and shaft gears are concluded with fuel carburising

procedure and precise grouding to sequeritially get substantial loading capacity of percertain volume.

 5. Long Service Life: 

Beneath the situation of correctly picking sort dimension and the standard maintenanceand use, primary

elements (expect those easily-disabled parts) can very last as long as up to far more than 25,000

hrs. Effortlessly-disabled parts include lubricating oil, oil seals, and bearings.

six. Minimal Sound:

 All key factors are finished by precisely machining, correct assembly, and finally tested,

and for that reason, reasonably minimal sounds is attained.




Variety X
Electricity .twenty five-36kw
Output Speed .sixty four-350rpm
Output Torque leading to 15710Nm
Ratio twenty five~4000
Excess weight 240-18900KGS 
CZPT voltage and frequency 380V&50HZ 
Manufacturing time  25-30DAYS

Planetary CZPTial CZPT Shaft Double Clutch Phase Shifting