Single Screw Plastic Extreder Gearbox

Single CZPT Plastic Extreder CZPT

Product details 

ZlYJ One -screw CZPT Extruder CZPT Collection
ZLYJ gearbox sequence are transmission products, which are specifically made for single -screw extruder with substantial precision, tough gear area, accompany with thrust, Adopting the technical speciations stipulated in JB/T9050.1-1999, all ZLYJ gearbox are designed accordingly.

Major functions:
1. The materials of equipment is the substantial energy alloy metal. It is produced by carburizing ang quenching (and other heat remedy ), grinding processing at final. The equipment is in substantial precision(6 quality)and higher hardness(achieve HRC54-62). Besides, it attributes reduced sound when operation.
2. It contains high bearing capacity thrust which is performed reliable and can stand up to larger axial thrust.
3. All the merchandise are therapy by drive lubrication and cooling system other than really little speciations items.
4. ZLYJ collection gearbox is adopted by six-facet processing box. Its normal installation is horizontal, but also can be changer to vertical installation according to buyer necessity.
5. Effectiveness transmission, reduced sound extended operation time.



Single CZPT Plastic Extreder CZPT