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Inner Gear Ring Pinion Shaft Planetary Carrier Final Drive Group Applies to Volvo Ec390 Excavator

Inner Gear Ring Pinion Shaft Planetary CZPT Final CZPT Group Applies to Volvo Ec390 Excavator

Top Quality Final CZPT Group Interior Equipment Ring Pinion Shaft Planetary CZPT Applies to Volvo EC390 Excavator Energy Teach Manufacturing facility Immediate Price

WHY Decide on:

  1. Price tag : Realistic and aggressive according to your drawings
  2. CZPTlity handle:In home,coming inspection,very first off,spotcheck in processing ,ultimate inspection, a hundred% inspection for vital dimension
  3.  Small get acknowledged
  4. Packing:carton box or iron can or depend on your specifications
  5. Supply:7-30days right after confirming get, according to your requirements and creation amount:
  6. Payment:By T/T, for samples one hundred% with the get: for manufacturing,50%paid out for deposit by T/T just before production arrangement, the stability to be compensated before shipment
  7.  CZPTy and expert solutions.
Relevant CZPT Component of CZPT EC390 Swing and Journey Component
VOE14264157 VOE14263523 VOE146 571 two VOE1175710 VOE11757134
VOE11757127 VOE14345000 VOE11713105 VOE11701204 VOE11757137
VOE11757126 VOE11701191 VOE1175715 VOE11757137 VOE11757135
VOE11757125 VOE11701228 VOE1175716 VOE11757135 VOE11757136
VOE1175717 VOE14262071 VOE15175856 VOE11757136 VOE11702645
VOE11757128 VOE14262071 VOE11701202 VOE11701198 VOE11702646
VOE14571794 VOE14262070 VOE1175718 VOE1175714 VOE1175719
VOE14262070 VOE11701192 VOE11701203 VOE11701199 VOE14211913
VOE11757129 VOE11701230 VOE1175717 VOE11757112 VOE959284
VOE11757130 VOE13978797 VOE11709611 VOE11757110 VOE1175714
VOE11757131 VOE1175710 VOE1175719 VOE1175712 VOE11706896
VOE11757132 VOE11701193 VOE11701195 VOE1175716 VOE1175715
VOE11757133 VOE11701193 VOE11701196 VOE1175711 VOE11706897
VOE1175712 VOE11706895 VOE11701197 VOE11709596 VOE11988205
VOE1175713 VOE1175713 VOE11701201 VOE11701194 VOE1175711

Materials: CZPTized, 20CrMnTi ,40Cr, forty five#steel, 40CrMo
Surface treatment: Substantial-frequency quenching, carburizing and quenching
Heat treatment (forging): Quenching, Tempering, Annealing, Gas/Vacuum Carburizing, Nitriding, Austempering, ADI,Precipitation hardening, cryogenic treatment…etc.

Product of CZPT
EC200B Volvo EC240B LR Volvo EC300E NL Volvo EC480D L Volvo
EC210 Volvo EC200D EC300E NLD Volvo EC480E HR Volvo
EC210 F Volvo EC210C EC330B LC Volvo EC480E L Volvo
EC210B EC220 EC240B EC260B
EC700C L Volvo EW140 Volvo EW160D Volvo EC160B
EC330C EC300 EC460B EC700
EC330 EC360B EC460C EC950

Model of CZPT
EC480E LR Volvo ECR235C L Volvo EW145B Volvo EC700HR
EC620 Akerman ECR235D L Volvo EW150 Akerman EC750D
EC650 Akerman ECR235E L Volvo EW150C Akerman EC420
EC650 Volvo ECR305C L Volvo                     EW150C Volvo EC480E
EC750D L Volvo EW140B Volvo EW170 Volvo EC180B
EC700B HR Volvo EW130 Akerman EW160 Volvo EC140B
EC700B LC Volvo EW130 Volvo EW160B Volvo EC140D



Inner Gear Ring Pinion Shaft Planetary CZPT Final CZPT Group Applies to Volvo Ec390 Excavator