Wpds Speed Reducer Low Noise Speed Reducer Gear Box

Wpds Speed Reducer Low Noise Speed Reducer Gear Box


 notice of installation

(one) The base-plate must be airplane and stoutness and the foundation-plate should be screwed down and shock evidence.

(two) The connecting shaft of prime mover, reducer and operation unit need to be coaxial set up.

(three) The diameter tolerance zone of enter and output shaft is H6, the holes of fittings( this kind of as couplings, belt-pully, sprocket wheel and so on) must properly mate the shaft, which helps prevent bearing from breakage because of in excess of-unfastened mate.

(4)  CZPTrs this sort of as sprocker wheel and equipment must be fitted close to bearings in get to minimize bending anxiety of hanging shaft.

(5) While assembling motor of WPD reducer, it is necessary that proper sum of butter applies to the warm shaft enter hole and keyway, keeping away from assembling way too tightly and rusting after utilizing for a long time.

(six) When buying or employing all kinds of WPD type, if the motor excess weight is even bigger than the common, supporting established is required.


 notice of utilization

(1) Before utilizing, make sure you check very carefully whether the reducer design, distance, ratio, input connecting technique , output shaft construction, enter and output shaft path and revolving route accord with essential.

(2) In accordance to the need of picking lubricant oil in the solution handbook. Please fill appropriate category and brand name lubricant. And then screw on the vent-plug, unlock the modest cone-plug of vent-plug. Only right after undertaking these, reducer is currently for beginning up managing. The correct brand and ample lubricant oil is essential, replacing oil in time conforming to the request of solution handbook is also needed, specifically after utilizing very first 100hours, it is essential refilling new oil.

(3) When abnormal situations occur, please quit and check reducer per remedies and causes for faults of reducer(allowable maximum oil temperature is 95, beneath this temperature limit, if oil temperature no much more goes up, you should permit reducer carry on managing). 

  Input Energy(KW)

Design Ratio 10 fifteen twenty twenty five 30 40 50 sixty
40 .four .33 .26 .24 .22 .16 .14 o.12
fifty .65 .fifty two .forty .37 .34 .27 .24 .20
sixty one.00 .eighty two .sixty five .fifty nine .fifty four .45 .40 .32
70 one.sixty one.35 one.10 .ninety six .82 .67 .sixty one .52
eighty two.twenty one.78 1.36 1.28 1.20 .ninety .eighty .seventy five
one hundred 3.sixty three.ten 2.60 two.35 two.10 one.sixty eight 1.30 1.00
120 five.twenty 4.35 three.50 3.25 3.00 two.twenty 1.90 1.fifty
a hundred thirty five nine.75 7.eighty five 6.00 five.50 five.00 three.sixty nine two.89 2.30
147 ten.seventy one eight.forty three 6.eighteen 5.71 5.23 three.84 three.09 2.52
one hundred fifty five twelve.eighty nine.ninety seven.00 six.fifty three six.00 four.40 three.sixty one 3.00
175 17.thirty 13.60 ten.00 nine.thirteen 8.thirty 6.18 4.85 4.07
200 22.60 18.twenty thirteen.86 twelve.75 11.67 8.78 six.71 5.58
250 33.twenty 27.forty 21.60 20.00 eighteen.43 fourteen.00 ten.forty three eight.sixty two



wpdo worm velocity reducers




5.ten.15.twenty.25.30.forty. hundred

Mounting Position

Foot mounted, flange mounted

Output Form

Solid shaft, hollow shaft

Material of Housing


Material of Shaft

chromium steel

Oil seal









one year 



1.Solution sources
All the products marketed in this retailer are ZhenYu manufacturer,manufacturing unit-direct sale,no branch

the CZPT information will often with motor,driver and controller to be a full manage program that we can provide 

two.Design choice
Just before buying, remember to get in touch with us to validate the model no and technical specs to stay away from any misunderstanding.

Sample charge need to be fully paid prior to generation, for bulk buy, fifty% CZPT is essential and equilibrium prior to shipment.

Paypal is accepted.

Samples in stock will be sent inside of seven times and CZPT samples will be delivered in 30 days.

Shipping and delivery day for bulk purchase relies upon on order amount.


Wpds Speed Reducer Low Noise Speed Reducer Gear Box