Zq500 Cylindrical Gearbox

Zq500 Cylindrical CZPT

Merchandise Description

An overview of the JZQ (ZQ) reducer:

ZQ reducer is largely utilised in lifting, mining, standard chemical, textile, gentle sector and other industries. Its software problems are as follows:

1. The velocity of gear transmission of the reducer shall not exceed 10 meters/2nd
two. The velocity of the high-pace shaft of the reducer shall not exceed 1500 revolutions for every minute
3. The reducer is used for CZPT and backward working
four, deceleration device doing work surroundings temperature of 40 ºC to + forty ºC
5. The reducer has nine transmission ratios, 9 configuration sorts and three reduced-velocity shaft stop kinds.
six. The transmission ratios of this sort of reducers are: 48.57, forty.seventeen, 31.five, 23.34, 20.forty nine, fifteen.seventy five, 12.sixty four, ten.35 and 8.23.



Zq500 Cylindrical CZPT